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Mind Mapping Benefits for Business

For Business

  • Project Planning

    Using MindMaple software for project planning, you can creatively organize multiple threads of ideas, allowing you to keep track of different teams and responsibilities, deadlines, contacts, and budgets. In addition, you can use arrows and callouts to show interactions between different sections of your mind maps, which helps you to clearly visualize connections and relationships in your projects.

    Sample - Project Planning Mind Map

    This mind map is a sample template map of how project planning can be done with MindMaple. MindMaple can integrate more than one mind map in a file (or "document"), leading to more organized projects and simpler project planning. As you see in the document, there are four mind maps on the map-sheet tab (tabs on the bottom of MindMaple). Each of the "Tasks" are described in details in each mind map. The mind map also includes task information visually exposed on the topic so the entire project schedule can be monitored at a glance on the mind map.

    Project Planning Mind Map Download Map
  • Presentations and Discussions

    MindMaple is an ideal tool for planning presentations or meetings. Instead of using different slides, which lets you focus on only one idea at a time, MindMaple allows you to integrate all your information into a single mind map. This enables you to zoom in to discuss a detailed idea while maintaining a connection to your larger point. Mind maps are a great way to share new ideas with your team, inspire discussion, and record detailed notes for future reference.

    Sample – Presentation Mind Map

    There are two mind maps on the left: the upper one is the preparation mind map for the presentation and the lower one is the result of the presentation mind map.

    The preparation mind map shows how you can clarify your thoughts of presenting a topic. The preparation mind map contains what the presentation's purpose is, states the properties of the presentations and briefly write down what contents should be inserted.

    The presentation mind map is the result. As you can see, MindMaple offers variety of different functions to make it as a presentation file. The mind map uses hyperlinks to navigate the mind maps sequentially and is designed with pictures and different colors to make the presentation beautiful. Try viewing on full screen mode (press F9).

    Presentation Mind Map Download Map
    Presentation Mind Map Download Map