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Mind Mapping Benefits for Education

For Education

  • Note Taking and Sharing

    Use MindMaple to takes notes on lectures, books, and discussions. MindMaple allows you to structure and categorize information visually, which allows you to maintain a focus on details as well as the bigger picture. This can help to improve your studying and learning experience. Start a new topic to illustrate a distinction. Use arrows, images, and attachments to show relationships and enrich your notes.

    Sample - Genetic Notes Mind Map

    This mind map illustrates how MindMaple can be used for organizing notes and studying. In this case, the user has made a mind map organizing some introductory genetics concepts, perhaps to use as class notes or for studying for a quiz. As you can see in this mind map, MindMaple lets you organize information and concepts into different categories, and you can draw arrows to describe relationships (notice how the molecular processes of "transcription" and "translation" are described visually by showing the relationships between different cellular molecules). You can also include relevant images and documents.

    Genetic Notes Mind Map Download Map
  • Planning Presentations and Projects

    MindMaple is a great tool for organizing plans and ideas for projects. Start with a basic outline of topics, and continue expanding each topic with new ideas and information. There is always room to expand your mind map. MindMaple makes it easy to collaborate with friends and colleagues. After you share your mind maps with others, they can use MindMaple to edit and expand your mind map.

    Sample - History Project Mind Map

    In this example, the users have made a mind map to help them plan and organize a project for a history class. Using MindMaple, the students divided the project into 7 major milestones, including important decisions, research, writing, and practice sessions. Each milestone is divided into smaller goals. The mind map also includes images, attachments, and an analysis of each student's unique skills. This mind map shows only the very first planning stages of the project, but is easy to imagine how the mind map could be expanded as the students progress in the project. They could use MindMaple to record notes from their meetings, to share independent research they perform, and to plan out the details of their eventual paper or presentation.

    History Project Mind Map Download Map