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Mind Mapping Benefits for Home Use

For Home Use

  • Travel Plan

    Use MindMaple to plan your next trip!   There are a number of features such as budget, cost, notes, and attachments to help you organize and map out all the details to ensure your trip is the best it can be.

    Sample - Travel Plan Mind Map

    Here is an example of how MindMaple software can help you plan an upcoming trip.  There are various markers and features such as cost, notes, and hyperlinks you can use to easily map out all the details and plan the best vacation possible.  For example, notice the link next to the topic, flight, which contains the flight confirmation information.  This is a great way to keep all your travel documents together in one place.

    Travel Plan Mind Map Download Map
  • Schedules and Finance

    MindMaple can be a lifesaver when maintaining a busy schedule.  Whether it's keeping track of your family’s activities, your own personal tasks, or your complex finances, MindMaple software allows you to take the stress out of your day and organize it on a mind map that you can easily manage. MindMaple’s drawing interface offers you the flexibility to continue editing your mind maps as your schedules and needs change.

    Sample - Wedding Plans Mind Map

    As you can see here, MindMaple is a very helpful tool for event planning.  You can map out various options and scenarios to enable you to obtain a comprehensive view and better determine the potential choices for the event. Priority markers, like the flag, exclamation point, and question mark in this mind map allow you to stay alert of deadlines and tasks to be finished in a timely manner.

    Wedding Plan Mind Map Download Map
  • Creative Projects

    Wherever your interests lie, such as blogging, artistic projects, hobbies, or community organizations, MindMaple provides the structure to organize your ideas and the creative freedom to fully express yourself.